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The history of OANA LIVIA BADEA Law Office is a story of imagination, determination, work, practice and perseverance. And, as in any history, the past have an important role: the role in appreciation the future, considering it valuable.

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With an intense juridical practice since the moment when become member of Bucharest Bar Association about 20 years ago, the Titular Lawyer of OANA LIVIA BADEA Law Office established this law office which is now one of the most dynamic and respected law offices in Bucharest, providing legal expertise in a large number of areas.

Lawyers from OANA LIVIA BADEA Law Office are specialized in all aspects of business law, corporate law, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and capital markets law, project finance, general company law and litigation.

Attached to strong principles and ethics, OANA LIVIA BADEA Law Office had a continuous evolution, growing and expanding, achieving a strong reputation in the Romanian professional legal market.

With a team of young, but experienced attorneys-at-law, Members of the Bucharest Bar Association and of the National Association of Romanian Bars, with extensive knowledge of the local business environment and legal system, we are capable at any time to provide the proper solution for any juridical problem.


  • In the field Of Activity


    Consultancy and assistance in the procedures of listing, withdrawal from the market, respectively closure of companies

    Acquisition of securities, financing through the capital market, primary public offers

    Legal assistance for the establishment and licensing of brokerage companies

    Issue of shares, bonds and other securities

    Consultancy on private and public placements

    Specific Brokering Agreements

  • In the field Of Activity


    Extensive reviews and legal due – diligence

    Assistance and consultancy in specific procedures

    Projects, offers, contracts drafting and other legal documentation

    Competition Council notifications

    Negotiations post – privatization assistance

  • In the field Of Activity


    Legal assistance during the procedure of judicial reorganisation and bankruptcy

    Business reorganization

    Debt collection

    Legal due-diligence and representation

    Registration of credit rights

    Assets transfer

    Liquidation proceedings

  • In the field Of Activity


    Legal advice in banking law, general banking operations

    Syndicated loans, collateral loans, equity loans

    Project finance and loan documentation

    Due-diligence reports

    Leasing, including cross border leasing

  • In the field Of Activity


    Unfair competition, antitrust

    Merger control law

    Competition Council legal assistance and representation

    Restrictive trade and exclusivity agreements

  • In the field Of Activity


    Reviews and legal due-diligence

    Legal advice and assistance for incorporation, spin-off, dissolution, liquidation and corporate governance of commercial companies; establishing of subsidiaries, branches, representative offices

    Drafting the legal corporate documents, the constitutive documents, addendums, minutes, etc.

    Assistance in preparing the general assemblies of the shareholders/quotaholders and the meetings of boards of directors, issuing of shares, offers, the share capital increasing or decreasing

    Romanian Trade Register legal issues, such as: establishing the companies, registering the mentions at Trade Register etc.

    Legal audit of the fiscal year or another specific operations, such us protecting the minority shareholders

    Drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts

    Incorporation of NGO’s

    Foreign investment and offshore companies

  • In the field Of Activity


    Legal services in: Rail transport, Road transport, Shipping transport, Air transport

    Contracts, Claims and damage

  • In the field Of Activity


    Legal assistance and consultancy regarding the optimum corporate taxation; all taxes

    Property tax

    Value added tax

    Foreign investment taxation regulations

  • In the field Of Activity


    Legal advice on contracts that may be concluded by public authorities and institutions with natural or legal persons (civil agreements, intellectual property law, partnerships, provision of services, rental, co-productions, etc.)

    Analysis and approval of the lawfulness of the decisions issued by the manager of the public institution in aspects related to personnel issues (organization of competitions, employment, termination of employment contracts, and application of disciplinary sanctions), financial decisions, debt recovery, investments, patrimony, public acquisitions etc.

    Analysis of the legality and the elaboration of recommendations regarding the organizational chart, the organization and functioning regulation and the internal regulation of the public institution

    Elaboration of projects for any acts of a legal nature or legal effect drawn up in connection with the activity of the public institution

    Approval of notes and instructions, in terms of legality, regarding the attributions and activity of the public institution

  • In the field Of Activity


    Writing, modification of individual employment contracts and collective employment agreements

    Drafting internal organizational regulations, job descriptions, confidentiality and non-competition agreements

    Assistance in disciplinary research, termination of employment relations

    Representation in employment disputes before courts of law

  • In the field Of Activity


    Registration, compliance, licensing protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights

    Trademarks; inventions; copyright; know-how

    Representation and assistance at the Romanian State Office for Patents and Trademarks (OSIM)


  • In the field Of Activity


    Real estate transaction

    Registration, authorizations, certificates

    Property development and investment

    Lease agreements, acquisition, construction contracts, etc.

  • In the field Of Activity


    Assistance and legal advice in advertising campaigns

    Projects creation, negotiating and legal assistance in concluding contract

    Assistance and consultancy for project preparation, negotiation and conclusion of advertising contract

    Advice on unauthorized forms of advertising

  • In the field Of Activity


    Media and Telecommunications regulatory issues

    Licenses and authorizations

    IT; infrastructure, project and equipment finance

    Software development and licensing

    Technology transfer


    Telecom transactional work (such as interconnection agreements and network outsourcing agreements)

  • In the field Of Activity


    Incorporation, modification and dissolution of sport entities

    Specific advisory services and assistance, such as reviewing, negotiating or drafting various types of contracts with athletes, agents, suppliers or sponsors

    Alternative disputes resolution

  • In the field Of Activity


    Regulatory issues and legal assistance in public acquisition, public – private partnerships contracts

    Investment projects

    Generation, transportation, distribution and supply of energy financing

  • In the field Of Activity


    Public and private health system

    Medical health insurance

    Establishing of private medical clinics and hospitals

    PPP projects

    Public acquisitions

    Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and healthcare (patent litigation, licensing)

    Specific advisory service and assistance

  • In the field Of Activity


    Competition; banking & finance; corporate and commercial; IT, media and communication; energy & natural resources; mergers & acquisitions; real estate; taxation; intellectual property; advertising; health; sport; transportation

    Representation and assistance in Courts, State Office for Patents and Trademarks, the Ministry of Finance, the Competition Council etc.


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  • Involvement in the Project


    “Education is the behaveing of a flame, more then filling up the vessel” - Socrate

    The Romanian Pediatric Surgery Society, under the patronage of International Federation of Pediatric Surgery Associates and the Romanian Academy of Medical Science , held in Bucharest on 6-9 of June 2018, the International Pediatric Congress.

    “Integrated approach for better children’ outcomes - avoiding disability” was the slogan/name of this Congress.

    „OANA LIVIA BADEA-LAWYER OFFICE” has been involved as a sponsor, alongside the COMPUTERLAND Romania Grup as main sponsor, in insuring the development of this important event for increasing the quality of the medical act in the core of pediatric surgical pathology, especially congenital malformations.

    Given the chalkenges faced by physicians involved in providing optimal treatments to patients born with one or more congenital malformations, Congress has bern an excellent opportunity to present the most modern methods of interventions. The scientific program approached a wide variety of issues and provided a model of good clinical practice.

    The main course theme is to avoid the disability of a child through appropriate abordation. Being a multidisciplonary theme was attended by specialists in many medical fields/ sectors: pediatric surgeons, obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists, orthopedists, family therapists, physicians from Emergency departament, anesthesists, radiologists, intensive care physicians,maxilofacial surgery and surgery chest.

    More than 165 physicians were involved(of whom 120 were Romanians) and 20 apprentice students, the information intercourse has been very important. Alot of specialists coming from Europe (Ireland, England, Holland, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Turky), from Asia( India, Quatar, Israel, Lebanon, Singapore, Hong Kong), from US (Canada, Brasil and Paraguay, Colombia, Mexic), from Australia and from Africa (Egypt, Marocco, South Africa, Benin, Tunisia).

    For additional informations please access this link.

Social Life

  • Involvement in the social life


    Global Youth Compass (www.globalyouthcompass.org) is a non-for-profit organization pursuing social interests, founded in November 2017 in Geneva (Switzerland). The Association is governed by the Swiss Civil Code.

    The Founding Board comprises 10 members with outstanding backgrounds in business, politics and civil society at national and international levels, driven by the aspiration to enable synergies among stakeholders in the global ecosystem and to provide top-notch resources and guidance for talented and engaged young people worldwide.

    Oana Livia Badea, Esq., is Founding Member and President of “Global Youth Compass” Association.

    Global Youth Compass is a global platform dedicated to bring together successful young people from around the world to tackle global challenges and to empower talented and driven youth by creating opportunities for professional and personal growth through access to knowledge and experience of accomplished leaders of today.

    Dedicated to nurturing an empowering, inspiring and enabling global community for emergent young leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, the Global Youth Compass supports initiatives benefiting youth at community, national and international levels – across a diverse range of fields including the social, political, economic and cultural. Global Youth Compass is driven to serve as a prime platform for orientation, high-level connections, exposure, leveraging resources and facilitating collaborative projects and ventures for youth worldwide and for stakeholders from across the public, private and civil society sectors.



    The forthcoming 2018 Compass Global Gathering shall be hosted during 4–6 October in Venice (Italy). The event shall welcome some 100+ participants, featuring high-level guests and world-renowned personalities from the business, politics, academia, media and culture domains.

    The three-day event comprises a series of thematic discussion panels and roundtables addressing a wide range of contemporary issues whose relevance spans from the welfare of local communities to the future of our planetary civilization.


    Compass Global Gathering was held in Venice, Italy, in the San Clemente Palace Kempinski Hotel, on the 4th-6th of October, 2018.

  • Compass Global Gathering, started with the opening speech of Mr. Vicenzo Dipalo, Italy, and of Mrs. President of Global Youth Compass Association, Oana Livia Badea, Attorney-at-Law, Romania.

  • Also, Mr. Antonio Lopez-Isturiz White, Secretary General of the European Peoples’s Party - EPP, Spain, had a remarkable opening speech.

    The first panel was about Global Immigration. Moderator: Mr. Carlo Vulpio, journalist and writer, Italy.

    Among those who spoke at the event was also Mr. Gunther Krichbaum, german politician, Member of the German Bundestag, Chairman of the Comitee on the Affairs of the European Union, Germany.

  • Another topic approached within Compass Global Gathering was: ways to fight terrorism and understanding other’s faith and culture. Moderator: Mr. Michele Grimaldi, Executive Vice-President, from External Affairs, in the Image Diplomacy Company, Italy.

  • Mr. Amjad Bashir, member of European Parliament, England, participant in the Congress, said in his speech: “Education, education and again education is the best way to stabilize the situation, to integrate the people coming to our countries.”

  • Another panel was about climate change and security risks. Moderator: Mr. Aaron Berger – CEO Asymmetrical Solutions, USA.

    “It’s easier now for a large company to produce in the most convenient way, even though it’s not the most sustainable. We, as consumers, have the power to ask to make a change that large traders would not be motivated to make otherwise.”

  • One of the aspects discussed was also about entrepreneurship and startup. Moderator: Mrs. Hanieh Sadat – Associate and Director of GenesysOne Capital Company.

    Mr. Oren Gershtein, CEO of the Ideality Roads Company, Israel, one of the partakers:

    “Infrastructures aren’t the main ingredient of success for enterprises, it’s the DNA you put in those blocks. The key to success is all about the soft skills young people developed and it’s something we all need to learn.”

    “One main ingredient for successful entrepreneurship is forgiveness: the ones who stay, forgave. The ones who didn’t forgive aren’t here, missing opportunities.”

  • Compass Global Gathering continued on the second day with the speech of Mr. Mario Monti – Former Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of Economy and Commerce, Senator for Life in the Senate of Italy, Italy, and Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, Secretary General of European Peoples’s Party – EPP, Spain.

  • Mr. Archie Ravishankar, Vice-President of Global Youth Compass Association, India, said: “We, as millennials, have access to a lot of information. The key to success is the ability to turn information into knowledge.”

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