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Business law is a fundamental aspect of any economy today and the specialized assistance of a lawyer, even from the early stages of the business, is strictly necessary. OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers you the necessary support in the negotiations, the professional preparation of documents, as well as consulting in making optimal decisions depending on the specific activity of the clients but also in assessing the risks of their business.

Due to the legal uncertainty generated by the evolution of the legislative changes and the fact that the rules of competition and fair conduct are not always respected on the business market, a professional lawyer for the business market must be permanently connected with all the changes that could endanger the business situation of a client.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office has been involved over time in issues related to the life of commercial companies and their specific activity, offering professional services such as:

  • Consultancy and assistance regarding the establishment, operation, dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies; setting up branches, subsidiaries, work points, offices;
  • Specialized assistance in mergers and acquisitions (M&A – Mergers and Aquisition);
  • Drafting of legal documents: constitutive documents; additional acts, resolutions of the general meetings, minutes, share registers, decisions of the Board of Directors, etc;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the general meetings of the shareholders and the meetings of the board of directors; assistance in issuing shares, offers, increases or decreases in capital;
  • Representation in front of the Trade Register;
  • Establishment of associations and foundations.
  • Commercial litigation, insolvency proceedings.

Through its lawyers, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers a wide range of legal assistance services to large foreign investors. Due to his experience in successfully completing important and sophisticated transactions OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office is one of the best seen and appreciated law firms in Romania, through detailed knowledge of the problems encountered by foreign investors in Romania and a deep understanding of the Romanian market.

Thus, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office provides assistance and consultancy to various foreign companies in order to set up branches and subsidiaries and consultancy in business development and / or restructuring. Also, our Law Office, through a young, dynamic, professional team, offers the full range of services that an investor from outside the country needs within an investment and in all its stages: consulting on investment types, consulting in the development of investment portfolios, negotiation with contractual partners, support in asset recovery, support in the sale of projects completed or to be completed. Therefore, we efficiently ensure the security of transactions within the set time frame and under low risk conditions.

The legal services in the field of business law, offered by OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office, are addressed to both the existing startups and the entrepreneurs who wish to start on this road. The lawyers of our law office focus on legal prevention, which comes to the support of companies at the beginning of the road in order to eliminate the risks of wasting time and money in unwanted disputes.

The legal services of OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office cover in this area the following main issues:

  • Choosing the organizational form;
  • Establishing the legal framework of the activity and the distribution of social shares / shares;
  • Consultancy in the employment process and in collaboration with the partners;
  • Protection of intellectual property rights – copyright, trademarks, designs, inventions, etc .;
  • Prevention of conflicts and disputes.

The purpose of the lawyers from OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office in the field of business and commercial law is to protect the interests of individuals and legal entities, ensuring the development and implementation of solutions that have applicability both in the short and long term. Our approach is not to be only lawyers, but reliable partners who protect our client’s business in the long term.

Having a long and relevant legal experience, lawyers OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office work accordingly solid principles and professional ethics, being in a continuous evolution and professional development, acquiring a reputation on the Romanian market.

The capital market represents the set of levers, respectively of the mechanisms, which fluidize the circulation of available capital, directing them to public or private institutions or entities requesting funds. Basically the market, the authorized format in which the sale-purchase operations of financial instruments are involved, ensures the bridge between issuers and investors, ensuring legal support for trading financial instruments: shares. Bonds, pension funds, investment funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), certificates, warrants.

The reason for the cyclical functioning of the market finds its basis in adopting the principle, respectively of saving behavior, the investor (institutional – legal person or natural person) speculating the development potential of a company, buying its shares to participate in the business, subsequently selling them following the unwritten rule of the capital market “Buy cheap and sell expensive”, thus increasing its financial resources but also attracting risks that OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office helps you avoid or manage with responsibility and ease.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office comes to meet clients with legal support, consulting and assistance in listing, withdrawal and closing of companies, as well as in the acquisition of securities, financing through the capital market domain, primary public offers, legal assistance regarding the establishment and licensing of brokerage firms.

Another strength of OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office is to instrument the issuance of shares, bonds and other securities, consulting on private and public placements and contracts specific to the intermediation activity.



OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office ensures specialized legal in complex transactions of mergers and divisions, starting from the structuring of projects, preparing, negotiating and signing the documents prior to the transaction, performing any type of legal due diligence, preparing and negotiating the transaction documents and post-completion implementation of projects.

Thus, our law office can provide you integrated services that cover all aspects of M&A related to these types of transactions. We are with our clients starting with the initial stages of company formation, during the organization and development of the activity and until the mergers, acquisitions and takeovers of the control. We are reliable partners with all the necessary expertise to meet any challenges.

Specifically, the team OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office provides specialized legal services in order to evaluate the fundamental elements of company / corporate, real estate, commercial contacts, various agreements / licenses, competition and protection of intellectual property rights. At the same time, the legal audit will evaluate the criteria and the requirements of restructuring, the structure of the shareholding, authorizations, where appropriate, fiscal aspects. During the course of the transactions we carry out and negotiate the transaction documents and the auxillary documents.

Also, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office ensures the exchange of information between all the parties involved in the transaction and we guarantee that the transactions are carried out within the planned time frame and in accordance with the established quality criteria.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers consultancy in transactions for governments, privatization agencies, state-owned companies and private companies, interested in participating in privatization processes.

The lawyers of our team offer support and assistance for the revision of the business plan and the evaluation, the complete preparation of the documentation, presentation document, announcement, privatization documents, etc., for the purpose of privatization and support in the approval process. Therefore, our specialists will elaborate the privatization plan and the privatization strategy, with the recommended trading structures.

Also, the team OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office will evaluate the non-binding offers and non-financial aspects and will ensure the organization and conduct of negotiations with investors, assisting the authorities in signing the trading documents and preparing the documentation for regulatory purposes.



OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office team offers legal assistance and representation in all aspects related to debt recovery, including the pre-insolvency stage, the preventive and judicial insolvency procedures, the reorganization and bankruptcy procedures for both creditors and debtors.

The legal services offered by OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office consist of:

  • assistance in completing insolvency applications;
  • providing consulting on strategies designed to ensure maximum debt collection for the creditor;
  • representation in front of creditors meetings and creditors committees;
  • evaluation of the legal feasibility of reorganization plans;
  • representation before the syndic judge and higher courts in all disputes related to insolvency, reorganization and bankruptcy procedures.

In the infamous context of economic circumstances and the ever-changing regulatory framework, today’s banking projects require a mix of intellectual rigor, flexibility, legal knowledge and financial and business expertise.

To meet these high market demands, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office banking practice brings together an interdisciplinary team of competitive lawyers, who have been involved in a wide range of financial transactions and are familiar with the daily activity of romanian banks. Clients trust our lawyers in finance to take a sophisticated but simple and practical approach to achieve their goals. They are the perfect tool for preparing feasibility studies and due-diligence reports, internal and external leasing operations including credit facilities and loan financing projects.

Therefore, the team OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office comes to the clients support with consultance regarding obtaining secured and secure loans, foreign currency financing, real estate financing, support and representation in banking and arrears litigation, execution of bank guarantees and payment instruments.



Taking into account the dynamics of competition law and the various problems that may arise when signing various trade agreements, within the absorption / merger procedures, as well as those related to the abuse of the dominant position on the market, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers efficient and effective solutions and a strict compliance with the competition rules.

For our team, the new requirements and initiatives of the authorities with competence in the field, which can have an impact on the clients business, represent a permanent concern, our lawyers offering periodic information to the clients regarding the changes in the legislation and the practice of applying it.

Thus, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers consulting in relation to the provisions of the Romanian and European legislation in the field of competition, legal audit of the specific operations performed by clients from the perspective of the applicable competition rules, notifications or obtaining approvals from the competition authority, identifying the clauses with potential anti-competitive effect, representation before the authorities with attributions in the supervision and sanctioning of the anti-competitive practices (Competition Council etc.), litigations regarding the contestation of the decisions issued by the Competition Council for their cancellation or reduction of the amount of the fine, representation and assistance during the investigation / inspection procedures carried out by the Competition Council.

The activity of OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office is based on a vast experience regarding consulting and assistance in the field of legislation on commercial companies and business law in general. Due to the complexity of the business relationships, the specialized assistance of a lawyer, even from the early stages of the business is strictly necessary.

A commercial law lawyer offers you the necessary support in the negotiations, the professional preparation of documents, as well as consulting in making optimal decisions and depending on the specific activity of the clients but also in assessing the risks of their business.

Specifically, the OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office team offers the following legal services:

  • Due-diligence analyzes and reports – legal audit for your business;
  • Consultancy and assistance regarding the establishment, operation, dissolution, liquidation, merger and division of commercial companies; setting up branches, subsidiaries, work points, representatives;
  • Preparation of legal documents: constitutive documents, additional acts, resolutions of the general meetings, minutes, share registers, decisions of the Board of Directors;
  • Assistance in preparing the general meetings of the shareholders and the meetings of the board of directors, issuing shares, offers, increases or decreases of capital;
  • Completing all the formalities regarding the registration of the companies and the entry of mentions in the Trade Register;
  • Establishment of associations and foundations;
  • Assistance and consultancy for drawing up projects, negotiating and concluding commercial contracts;
  • Consultancy and specialized assistance for foreign investments.



OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office has extensive experience in the field of transport law, especially road and freight transport.

Within each national economy, freight transport appears as a continuation of the production process started in the other branches by bringing goods from producer to consumer, so transport, through its economic purpose, is part of the production process of goods necessary for existence. The importance of the transports appears, but with an importance in the sphere of the circulation of the goods since it makes possible the economic exchanges by the connection that it realizes between the producer and the consumer, consequently the transport activity has common features with all the other economic activities.

The transport contract and the shipping contract, the traffic regime on public roads, the regime of organizing and carrying out road transport of goods and persons on the Romanian territory, as well as their related activities, professional training in road transport, insurance, the specific work regime represent legal matters in that we prove a great experience.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office represents the road transport operators in the disputes deduced for solving to the court or arbitral courts, without omitting the possibility to amiably solve them. We are also initiated in the legal issues of maritime, river, air and rail transport, pallet or containerized transport, multimodal transport, transport terminals or pipeline transport.

It is often found lately on the lips of the lawyers, a new branch of law that we can name without undermining the logistical right. Logistics operators are numerous and their contribution to the development of economic exchanges and the civil circuit is not sufficiently emphasized.

The wide range of services that logistics operators provide meets all the problems whose solution is found at the intersection of several branches of law. OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office guarantees logistics operators a professional and multidisciplinary approach to the legal challenges they face.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers legal services in the field of tax law, a legislative field that is unpredictable and in perpetual change.

For example, the team of lawyers OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers legal advice regarding the tax obligations of taxpayers, in relation to investment plans and strategies in Romania in relation to the legal provisions regarding corporate tax, local taxes, tax on dividends etc., as well as assisting and representing clients both in front of the tax authorities, as well as the competent courts.

Also, the legal services offered by OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office consist in drafting of legal opinions regarding the interpretation and application of the provisions of the tax legislation, legal advice in relation to the establishment of customs duties, assistance and legal representation in the disputes generated by establishing the VAT and of its reimbursement procedure, drafting of appeals against the titles of fiscal debt and forced enforcement documents, as well as regarding the cancellation procedure in the court of fiscal administrative documents, legal assistance during fiscal inspections / controls, assistance and legal representation in the fiscal procedures of reimbursements and refunds, as well as in any other litigations of fiscal nature.



Legal advice regarding the types of contracts that can be concluded by public authorities and institutions with natural or legal persons (civil conventions, intellectual property law, partnerships, services, rental, co-production, etc.)

Analysis and approval of the legality of the decisions issued by the manager of the public institution, in aspects regarding the decisions regarding the personnel problems (organizing competitions, employment, termination of employment contracts, applying disciplinary sanctions), decisions regarding the financial field, debt recovery, investments, heritage, public procurement, etc.

Analysis from the point of view of the legality and elaboration of recommendations regarding the organizational chart, the regulation of organization and functioning and the internal regulation of the public institution.

Elaboration of projects for any acts of legal character or legal effect drawn up in relation to the activity of the public institution.

Approval of notes and instructions, from the point of view of legality, regarding the attributions and activity of the public institution.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers general legal advice on various issues arising from labor relations, such as: drafting of internal regulations and other regulations applicable at unit level, remuneration, rights and obligations of the employer and staff, posting, disciplinary liability and heritage, aspects related to health and safety at work, management of work accidents, protection of employees in case of transfer of company, etc.

Our Cabinet team can provide you with legal assistance regarding the negotiation, conclusion, modification, execution and termination of individual and collective labor contracts, including job descriptions, confidentiality and non-competition agreements.

Also, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers specialized legal assistance in disciplinary research procedures, and individual or collective dismissal procedures and regarding litigation, we offer legal assistance and representation before the courts for both employees and employers in matters concerning the validity and performance of the collective labor contract.



The domain of expertise of our specialists from OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office includes all the legal aspects of intellectual property, and their activity is highly appreciated for the deep knowledge of this specialized field, for efficient communication with the competent authorities and courts, as well as for fast and efficient collaboration with clients.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers you consulting and assistance in relation to:

  • Intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial design, utility models);
  • Application for cancellation of industrial property titles (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models);
  • Disputes concerning unfair competition through confusingly similar brands, logos, promotions, packaging and advertising;
  • Disputes based on confidentiality, assignment or licensing contracts;
  • Defamation claims by plagiarism accusations;
  • Disputes with employees regarding copyright and industrial property rights in rental works;
  • Legal assistance and representation before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in the process of registration of industrial properties: application, registration, opposition, review (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models);
  • Legal assistance in the proceedings regarding the invalidity of the Community trade marks or of the industrial designs;
  • Legal assistance regarding the registration of domain names on the Internet, including the domain names in dispute;
  • Contracts for the award and licensing (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, utility models);
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Research contracts;
  • Employment contracts with employees charged with creating software products, inventions, integrated circuits, other fields of activity in employment regime for employment;
  • Legal representation and assistance of user associations or collective copyright management associations in the negotiation and settlement of disputes regarding the remuneration to be paid between them;
  • Legal assistance and representation before the National Audiovisual Council regarding the broadcast of certain TV commercials;
  • Legal assistance and representation in obtaining the audiovisual licenses.

Lawyers from OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers fast and efficient legal services, covering the whole range of procedures specific to the field of Real Estate. The legal services we offer in order to ensure the legal security of real estate transactions consist of:

  • Due diligence reports (analysis of property documents), respectively verification of acquisition documents, land book extracts – verification of the technical and legal status of the building to the competent authorities, of the legal situation of the building etc., legal advice on the opportunity of building, selling, buying a property, identifying risks.
  • Legal assistance and consultancy for all the stages of the real estate project implementation, including in the negotiation stage, the analysis of the necessity of establishing additional guarantees, the analysis of the rights and obligations deriving from the real estate transaction, legal assistance in relation to the designers, executors and site managers.
  • Contracts (sale, exchange, donation, mortgage), namely the verification and drafting of the sales contracts as well as the assistance and representation at negotiations in order to eliminate the unfavorable clauses to the client and reduce the risks. Also, our law office provides assistance and representation in front of the public notary in order to sign the sale contract, pre-contracts, additional documents, proxies and various declarations.



Advertising is a relatively old field, which makes the promotion of products and services not a new thing. However, not many understand exactly what advertising means, going beyond the creative side.

Advertising does not just involve radio or TV communication, it involves mass media, with the imperative part of the online, it involves packing and labeling, contests and lotteries, communication on social networks, it involves copyright and image rights.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office team is specialized in advertising law, offering assistance in all stages of creating an integrated campaign, analyzing commercial communications, identifying weaknesses and correcting them before they become a problem. All this activity is carried out working with the client, with the marketing department, with state and private institutions, even with self-regulatory bodies.

Sanctions for non-compliance with the legal provisions are not to be ignored, they can lead to fines and prohibition of advertising campaigns. The financial losses generated by such sanctions can be substantial, the image of a company being its business card. Any question mark regarding the integrity and ethics of the company can lead to the disappearance of that company from the Romanian market.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers representation, consultancy and assistance in front of institutions that oversee compliance with legal norms in the field of advertising, such as the Ministry of Public Finance, the National Audiovisual Council, the National Medicines Agency, the Romanian Advertising Council, the National Agency for Consumer Protection etc., ensuring the interface and the communication between the client and the representatives of the institutions, defending his interests and offering solutions to the arised problems.

In these areas, the expertise of lawyers OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office covers the entire spectrum of legal services, from consulting, interpreting legislation, but also assisting and representing in litigation.

Thus, lawyers OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers the following services:

  • Assistance in front of the bodies with attributions in the field: National Audiovisual Council, Romanian Council for Advertising etc;
  • Monitoring of legislation in the field of audiovisual and disproof sanctions of the National Audiovisual Council;
  • Specialized consultancy regarding the rights and obligations of the providers of electronic communications networks, the providers of electronic communications services, as well as the rights of the users of communications services;
  • Legal advice, assistance and representation before the courts in the matter of the protection of private life and the processing of personal data;
  • Negotiation and conclusion of interconnection agreements between the operators of public communications networks, as well as of the agreements regarding the provision of services and systems in the field;
  • Negotiation, writing and assistance in the conclusion of commercial contracts for the delivery of telecommunications equipment, contracts for providing telephony services, Internet access, leased lines, data transmissions and cable television;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance for obtaining licenses and authorizations in the field of communications.

The field of Information Technology is expanding and therefore in a continuous regulation from the legislative point of view. OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office can offer you the following specialized legal services:

  • Consultancy and legal assistance regarding the specific regulations applicable to the economic operators that activate in the online commerce;
  • Legal advice and assistance regarding the specific regulations in the field of online advertising and electronic payments;
  • Consultancy and assistance regarding the protection of intellectual property rights, including the intellectual property rights related to computer programs;
  • Development and negotiation of licenses for development and distribution of software transfer calculator programs.
  • Development and negotiation of licenses for development and distribution of computer programs and technology transfer.



In France but also in other countries of the Romanian-German system, a sport law (droit du sport) is configured as a distinct branch of law. In the common law system, more pragmatic and more reticent to create new branches of law, the term sports law designates the group of rules applicable to amateur or professional sports, rules related to labor law, civil and commercial law, competition etc.

A century ago Baudry-Lacantinerie, an eminent jurist, said that law remains tributary to two sciences: morality, from which the notion of just and economy, from which it extracts its main source of usefulness. On these coordinates, the “sports law” was set up. The law of sport, we can say that it regulates in the spirit of the founding principle of fair-play with direct reference to rights and interests of onerous nature, patrimonial but also personal-non-patrimonial.

At this time, it is impossible not to discuss a sports legal reality for a significant part of this activity that is subject to European Union rules, according to the decision of the European Court. In this context, the law of Sport in Romania is a reality impossible to contest, which is why OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office comes to the assistance of clients with consultancy regarding the establishment, modification, dissolution of sports structures, specific consulting services, such as, for example, verification, drawing up projects, negotiating various contracts with athletes, agencies, suppliers or sponsors. Also, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers a variety of alternative methods of conflict resolution.

Moreover, Oana Livia Badea, Titular Lawyer of OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office, together with the team of lawyers from that moment within the Cabinet, was for 15 years the lawyer of a Romanian football team from LIGA I – “DINAMO BUCURESTI ”, dealing with the legal documents of the commercial companies and the basic organizations of the Dinamo Bucharest Football Club as well as of the affiliates, until the operations and documents regarding the football players and the football act.

OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office offers specialized legal assistance in the negotiation, drafting and analysis of electricity, oil, fuel and gas contracts. We also provide the legal assistance necessary to obtain authorizations, approvals, approvals and licenses for the development of specific activities in this field.

Regarding the relationship with the regulatory authorities in the relevant fields, such as ANRE – the National Energy Regulatory Authority, ANRM – the National Agency for Mineral Resources etc., our lawyers ensure efficient representation and in accordance with national and European provisions. At the same time, our team provides legal advice in interpreting and implementing the relevant regulations in force at national and European level.

Last but not least, OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office provides legal assistance in the field of privatization for national companies, national companies and other companies in the field of production, distribution and supply of electric and thermal energy, as well as in the field of exploitation, processing and capitalization of mineral energy resources: coal, uranium, oil, crude oil and natural gas.



The World Health Organization proposed in 1946 the following definition for health: “Health is a fully favorable state, both physically, mentally and socially, and not just the absence of diseases or disabilities.” Later, the “ability to lead a socially and economically productive life” was included in this definition.

In the modern state, health care is integrated into the health system administrated and regulated by governments; The access of citizens to the health system, and therefore to health care, varies from country to country. Owning the highest level of health is one of the fundamental rights of every being, regardless of race, religion, political, economic or social condition. (Constitution of the World Health Organization) The right to the “highest level of health” means the right to health and includes health services and conditions essential to good health such as clean water, adequate food, sanitation and shelter. This right includes access to good quality and affordable health services as well as access to information on health issues. As with other rights, the lack of discrimination is the basis of the right to health.

The right to health is mentioned in several human rights instruments, such as Article 12 of the International Agreement on Economic, Social and Cultural Human Rights or Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In Europe, we have Article 13 of the European Social Charter.

The team of specialized lawyers of OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office helps clients by offering the following services:

  • Consultancy regarding the public and private health systems;
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation and performing all the diligences for obtaining the social health insurance;
  • Establishment of medical centers and private hospitals;
  • Investments in public-private partnership;
  • Public procurement;
  • Legal assistance in the pharmaceutical field.

Lawyers of OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office represents clients interests in files from the most diverse fields of private law – commercial law, corporate law, intellectual property, insolvency, labor law, fiscal law.

The expertise of OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office in this area includes case analysis and client counseling on the optimal strategy, adapting the dispute strategy to the subject of the dispute and the applicable legal provisions, assistance and representation before the courts; implementation of favorable decisions. Specifically, lawyers of OANA LIVIA BADEA – Law Office provides the following legal services in the field of dispute resolution:

  • Property disputes between professionals;
  • Corporate law disputes;
  • Banking litigation;
  • Insurance and transport disputes;
  • Litigation related to forced executions and debt recovery;
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy: representation in court, assistance and / or representation in discussions with judicial administrators / liquidators.
  • Negotiation and drafting of transactions in the procedural and post-trial phase
  • Assistance and legal representation in the forced execution phase.





Public procurement is one of the priority areas of any local or central authority. These must be carried out within a legal framework starting with the planning and preparation of the public procurement process and until the execution and monitoring of the public procurement contract.

The specialists of our Cabinet have a comprehensive experience in public procurement, working with a multitude of public institutions and offering consulting for:

• Procedure planning: preparation / planning, including market consultation;

• Carrying out the procurement procedures, including direct procurement: organizing the procedures – Auctions, Negotiations with or without prior publication, Simplified procedures, Solution contests and award of the framework contract / agreement;

• Execution and monitoring of the implementation of the contract / framework agreement – post-award of the contract / framework agreement.

The organization of the public procurement procedures is carried out following the observance of all the legal provisions in force, throughout the period of elaboration and uploading in the SEAP of the award documents as well as during the evaluation period of the offers. Besides drafting the public procurement file, we provide consulting and drafting the necessary documentation in case of any disputes.

The lawyers of OANA LIVIA BADEA Law Office provide general legal assistance services in relation to aspects of corporate governance, including legal assistance during the process of drafting corporate documents, such as articles of incorporation, additional documents to these and decisions of the relevant governing bodies, including of the Board of Directors, assisting the shareholders and managers of the company during the relevant company meetings and of the boards of directors, elaborating the internal policies of the company and implementing various strategies for the development of the company.

Specifically, we provide specialized legal assistance for reorganization and restructuring, relocation of the registered office, registration and authorization of work points, increase / reduction of share capital, registration and cancellation of work points and branches, exclusion and withdrawal of associates, assignment of shares. We also provide assistance and representation in carrying out the necessary steps at the Trade Registry Office to make the appropriate registrations.



OANA LIVIA BADEA Law Office provides legal assistance in all aspects of contracts, covering a wide range of partner relationships. The legal experience of the lawyers, including in the field of litigation, offers the possibility that, in addition to drafting the usual content of a contract, its specific clauses will be adapted to the best legal interpretation. Thus, our lawyers specialized in commercial law provide legal advice in drafting commercial contracts, assistance in contract negotiations and specialized assistance in transactions, writing notifications, summons, addresses.

The main interest of our lawyers is to find and implement in the contract the optimal solution to protect the client’s interests and to fulfill his requests promptly. The long experience of our law firm, in the field of special contracts, was acquired over time and was developed out of the need of the support clients in solving atypical situations or determined by unfavorable circumstances.

Legal advice can be given at your headquarters or at the offices indicated by you by moving our specialists to these locations or at our law office. We can also provide remote legal advice, tailored to the needs of your company by facilitating the communication in real time of all your requests, email, telephone and any other technical means to facilitate their transmission.